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Ample Scopes for B. Phrama Graduates

Pharmacy is the science and art of preparing and preserving medicines and drugs and at the same time compounding and dispensing medicines according to the physician’s prescription. So, it can be said that pharmacy is an essential part of the healthcare and medical system. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry as a whole is related to the preparation, manufacturing, and marketing of medicines. The professionals of this industry are called pharmacists, and they have comprehensive knowledge of medicines, which includes their composition, chemical, physical properties, and their uses. These professionals apply their knowledge and skill sets in order to determine the medicines, the treatment plans and also analyze the responses to drug therapy.

If you have the passion and interest in this particular profession and want to contribute to the positive development of the society, then you should opt for this course program. Many reputed institutes in the country like BPharma institute in Uttarakhand offer special courses for the aspiring students so that they can meet the demands of the industry. There are many career opportunities for these professionals, and some of them are discussed below that will help you to understand this particular industry better.

Medical Representative (MR)

The job of a medical representative is to endorse and sell the company’s products to the customers. The basic responsibility of this professional is to create awareness for the products, answer the queries of its customers, offer advice and also introduce new products in the market.

Drug Inspector

This is another option available for these graduates in the industry. Being drug inspectors, the professionals are to inspect the quality of the medicines that are prepared and sold in the market. Apart from that, they develop, revise and maintain the quality standards for the processing of the drugs. Also, they help in designing and implementing methods for evaluating the products.

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When it comes to the production of medicines and drugs, the company needs a pharmacist as production supervisor. Starting from the processing to the packaging, these professionals get involved in various sections in order to manufacture the medicines.


A B. Pharma degree will also allow the graduates to make their career in the academic field too if they have a knack for teaching. They can work as lecturers for various B. Pharma institutes, including the diploma colleges, and can contribute their knowledge and skill sets for preparing the future generation.

Pursuing B. Pharm in Uttarakhand or for that matter anywhere else in the country will allow you to enjoy numerous job opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from the above-discussed professions, there are various other areas, where you can join and contribute your valuable knowledge and skill sets, sketching a successful career graph.

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