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How can ISO certification avoid possibilities of construction hazards?

The infrastructure growth is one of the main factors of fast development of a country. Without a doubt, the infrastructural advancement of any country is made a decision by the strength of the common structures built over there. This can be guaranteed by consenting to the all around acknowledged security standards, for example, ISO certification.


It is very dishonorable that the infrastructural improvement of our nation is far poorer the acceptable limit. Today, we long for competing with the big cities of the world. Notwithstanding, actually we stay behind, in fact much-much behind numerous countries with regards to risk the executives and work environment security. India has a horrible history of construction related disasters. The latest case is of Shahberi building fall that occurred in Gurgaon, in which many people and workers were crushed.


In a short time, India has seen a disgusting effect of carelessness of the realty experts. As of late, a halfway breakdown of a swarmed overpass bridge close to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) railroad station in Mumbai on Thursday evening has brought about death of 6 individuals. This is without a doubt one of the most exceedingly awful accidents of construction industry in India. It unmistakably proposes that there is a huge lack of widespread benchmarks, for example the company constructed the bridge did not have ISO certification.


In any case, before we go into the profundity of this idea, we should attempt to comprehend this case cautiously.


#1. How did the Breakdown of Foot-over Bridge at Mumbai happen?

Imagine a day when a little technical fault impacts in a vast scale killing This is exactly the thing that precisely happened on 14th March 2019, when a segment of a Foot-over bridge at one of the busiest stations of Mumbai abruptly crumbled, around 7:30 pm.

  • All things considered, it has been noticed that 6 individuals were slaughtered, other than 33 harmed.
  • The breakdown had happened amid the pinnacle hours, so the person on foot overpass was overcrowded.
  • The bridge associates the CSMT railroad station to the Azad Maidan police headquarters and Times of India working of south Mumbai.
  • Prior to this, a comparable mishap had occured in Mumbai 2 years back when a limited person on foot overpass at the Prabhadevi station, Mumbai had crumpled in September 2017, leaving 23 individuals dead.
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#2. What is the reason that such mishaps occur so frequently in India?

The basic response to this inquiry is the acceptance towards the absence of wellbeing standards. The regular factor behind such alarming episodes is the absence of affirmed components in common construction. Nor are the concerned offices genuine towards the specialized parts of construction.


#3. How to pass judgment on the seriousness of a construction incident?

The seriousness of a construction related mishap can be controlled by the sort of the specialized blame and the conceivable dangers identified with it.

On a tragic note, the earnestness of a mishap is generally made a decision in India by the quantity of losses occured.


#4. How to avoid probability of such a hazard?

The construction related dangers can be best maintained a strategic distance from with usage and utilization of the fundamental security standards.

  • The most proper approach to do that is getting ISO certification.
  • Following different ISO standards for structure construction can keep away from such mishaps.


#5. How can the ISO standards help avoid construction dangers?

  • Here we will endeavor to see how ISO standards avoid construction perils.
  • The ISO standards empower the construction organization to be progressively powerful and effective by setting up all inclusive acknowledged structure and advancement details and related procedures.
  • They for all intents and purposes cover all viewpoints and procedures engaged with the construction project. The ISO certifications apply directly from the establishment of the site to the top of the structure.
  • ISO certification likewise gives a solid degree to proper advances and required developments. This empowers the organization to appropriately react to the nearby just as worldwide difficulties associated with a project.
  • This may incorporate population expansion, unpredicted disasters, environmental changes and synthetic dangers.


Consequently it is exceptionally essential to execute and pursue the significant ISO standards in the construction projects as to discount every one of the perils.

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