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Know How BBA Gives Your Career Wings to Fly High

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), an undergraduate management program, provides students with theoretical, conceptual, and practical knowledge in various facets of business such as economics, marketing, operations, finance, basic accounting, etc. Students pursuing BBA get industry exposure and get the knowledge and skills which are required in the business world. Nowadays where everyone wishes to become an entrepreneur, this course helps the aspirants think uniquely in order to run a business. BBA program helps the students to develop tactical skills and build professionalism and entrepreneurship quality to fulfill the demand of the corporate sector. Furthermore, the detailed knowledge of management is also provided to the students whilst pursuing this program.

Anyway, students who are making up their mind to pursue BBA get the opportunity to have specialization in any of the following subjects as per their area of interest. But prior to choosing the one, students need to have in-depth knowledge about each of the subjects; hence, go through the following and choose as per your skills and convenience:

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (CII-IL) – This program focuses on developing future managers through training in order to accomplish the demand of fast growing Logistics & Supply Chain industry. Students, by choosing this program, can gain knowledge about multiple aspects of Supply Chain business that includes material management, transportation, foreign exchange, international trade, and most importantly the information technology.
  • Accounting and Finance– Those interested to know the financial accounting systems, its basic concepts and standard can go for specialization in accounting and finance. Under this program, candidates will be attaining the comprehensive information about the auditing, financial accounting, company law, business economics, cost accounting, and other related info. Pursuing the BBA program with this specialization offers the students to seek job in portfolio management, investment banking, Asset Management, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship– Most of the management students make up their mind to take an initiative for start-ups or to choose their career as an investor, venture capitalist, etc. but they ought to be clear that entrepreneurship is not running a business but it is about building an entrepreneurial mindset among the management students. Through advanced learning approach, this program shapes up the students into an enterprising individual who can solve the problems creatively coming along the way.
  • Banking and Finance- it is concerned with the VBA programming, spreadsheet modeling, and Advanced Excel-VBA functionalities in the core areas of Finance and Banking. Besides, it deals with the responsibilities to provide a thorough understanding of problem-solving techniques in a practical manner.

To sum up, students who have completed their intermediate (10+2) with any stream whether it is science, commerce or arts can pursue Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. But the general thought that comes to the mind of students is to choose which college for BBA program. So, JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU), an optimum institution in Jaipur offers admission in BBA with the specializations that are already mentioned above for the ease of aspiring students. JKLU bestows focused mentorship to counsel direction to the students and guide them according to their career plans. Also, it provides field-based industry internship programs and placements in top-notch companies. Most importantly, it targets on creating the global leaders through polishing their skills to acquire top position in business and corporate sector.

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