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Learn How to Write a Book Fast in Simple Steps

As a writer, the hardest thing is to actually sit and write. In reality, books do not finish writing themselves, and need a writer who can invest significant time to complete them. If you are on a journey to become a notable writer, then you need to find both – motivation and passion in writing. Only then, you will be able to write a content that goes beyond others’ expectations.

In essence, book writing does not require you to sit and write in a single instance. You could start with a single sentence, proceed to a paragraph, and in case you are lucky, you will complete an entire chapter. Writing follows a sequence and is more of a process that follows bits and starts. In this guide, we will be revealing the best ways to write and complete a book in the shortest span of time.

Know What You Want to Write

When writing a book, remember that quality writing is all about a specific subject. You can begin writing with an argument through using a sentence, lengthen it to a paragraph, and then end it as a one-page draft. Then, you can start writing the table of content to help the reader understand your write-ups. Eventually, you can divide the lengthy chapter in to simple sections. In essence, a book is about beginning, mid, and end. The more complicated you make it; more are chances of getting lost.

Set Daily Goals

Even the best writers tend start with setting goals. The best of the time writer John Gresham began his writing career as a lawyer. He was quite a busy person. But, still he woke up early, and wrote one page every day. After a couple of years, John had completed his novel that was ready to be published. A single page could range from 350 to 500 words.


Remember not to write too much in a single day. You should write gradually and things will get inline. However, you should set daily goals that should motivate you to write every day. Let them be the small and achievable goals, that you can achieve and construct a momentum.

Choose a Time & Place for Writing

Consistency leads to creativity. You should set a deadline for writing work, assisting yourself to achieve the goal for writing a book. You should take off sometimes; however, make sure to schedule those tasks for time ahead. Do not let a deadline go wasted or fall off the hook. You should assign a deadline to yourself, and find time to write every day. In this way, when it is time to write, you will feel to write anyway.

The great writers tend to write in a same place and at same time. It could be either a desk, coffee shop, kitchen, or any other place that you can choose to write. Whenever you will enter that place, you will automatically become more productive towards writing. It will remind you of the commitment you made to finish a book. Your goal should be not to think, but write.

Receive Early Feedback & Assign Weekly Deadlines

You should be ready to receive early feedback on your book. Nothing could hurt a writer bad than rewriting his/her book. You could rely on another pair of eyes to review your work. Refer to your honest friends, show them your work, and be ready to face the feedback. You can choose Ghostwriting LLC company to review your work, and ensure it achieves superior quality. Only through this way, you will be able to move in the right direction; else, you might end up rewriting your book from beginning.

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When you complete a book, make sure to release it worldwide. You can proceed through sending your book to publisher, and release it on the digital channels including the Amazon. In addition, you can discover ways to distribute you book among the right audience. Never put your book in a drawer when completed. It will stop you from sharing your ideas with the relevant audience in the world.

You can set a weekly goal. A goal for word count could help you. The moment you achieve a goal, celebrate it, but do not forget to be honest with yourself about the work that is still left. To measure progress, you need to have an aim. This technique has helped countless writers in completing a book.

Final Words

When you end a project, you might enter into difficult times, as people will provide mixed feedback. On top, you should believe that it fine to fail and provide yourself with grace, but nothing is worse than not trying.

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