Writing new stuff is easy, when your mind is sparkling with inspiration and creative ideas just waiting to be penned down. Think of your mind as a well filled with various experiences, memories, instances that have left a mark and many inspirational words that you want to reproduce in your own way. However, as we keep retrieving water from a well, over time, it can deplete and go dry and so can your mind.

writers block

This is known as “writer’s block”. It happens when a writer finds his ability to produce new, unique work lost as part of a creative breakdown. It is all too common among habitual writers. You not only lose the ability to write new things but also the interest in the topic because of a lack of inspiration, even though you know what you are writing about.

When this happens and you can’t figure out what to do, following these tips may help you overcome the writer’s block:

1- Go out for a walk:

There’s nothing like going out for a walk in the park or some place with natural scenery. Jogging and exercising in an open environment, while breathing fresh air, can have a drastic impact on you, and uplift your mood. Even sitting on a bench could spike up your neurons and bring you back to the writing mood.

2- Engage in Unrelated Tasks:

Any random or completely unrelated task such as cleaning up your room, cooking something, or playing a computer game could uplift your energy levels and remove the mental clutter that is causing your writer’s block.

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3- Try something new:

Trying something you have never tried before such as, starting watching a new TV show, trying the food at a new restaurant, discovering a new road you never traveled before can all contribute towards filling up your well with new experiences, thus helping you come up with new ideas that can effectively end your block.

4- Make new friends:

Never underestimate the importance, of making new friends and socializing with them. They can introduce you to new ways of thinking, new ideologies, and ways of looking at life, that you may not have been familiar with before. This would not just broaden your horizon but open up your mind to new possibilities that you never thought of, before, thus contributing towards ending your block.

5- Read:

This may sound weird, since you may already have been doing loads of reading as a writer, you may not feel the need to read anymore. However, you can never read enough. Explore the works of authors you didn’t think of before. This will expose you to different forms of writing and new ways of including idioms in sentences, making use of innuendos or ways of including anecdotes.

6- Play a Game:

Take your mind off writing and engage in some healthy sports related activity such as football, basketball, baseball or whatever suits your interests. This will improve the dopamine levels of your brain and with the right motivation; you will get back on your writing feet in no time at all.

7- Engage in a healthy online discussion:

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There is no dearth of online forums, where individuals cannot just vent their anger but dish out opinions endlessly, though most times unsolicited. However, this can be used positively too. For instance, you can answer a question on Quora; start a thread on a topic of your choosing on Reddit, post a tweet based on any current happening on Twitter or a status update on the good old Facebook.

There is no reason why the resulting discussion shouldn’t be productive or positive. That is, if you keep it that way, without indulging in petty talk or crass behavior as is the norm on social media. This kind of interaction with an international audience on the social media, could effectively act towards removing the writer’s block or at least showing you new aspects to a certain subject you hadn’t considered before.

However, if the writer’s block continues and you find yourself unable to produce any unique content at all, it would be best to go for an online essay writing service, since it doesn’t warrant putting your grades in jeopardy.

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