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One of the major issues now a day in the whole world is Poverty and it is the insufficiency or the deficiency of a definite (variant) quantity of material belongings or money. Which is the primary necessity of today world and no one can live without money or belongings. The concept of poverty don’t have only face, there are multi concepts of poverty, and these include the element of social, economic, as well as political.

There are also different types of poverty, and these are categorized by presence of money. If there is complete lack of basic needs which are helpful to meet the personal requirements such as foodstuff, clothing and somewhere to live and these types are named as Absolute poverty, destitution elementary as well as extreme poverty. It is necessary to provide the basic needs, and it can be controlled with the help of constraints on the ability of government to deliver facilities, such as exploitation, avoidance of tax, debt and advance conditionality and through the drain of the brain of educational professionals and health care.

It is also essential to increase the strategies that can be helpful to reduce poverty. These strategies can also be beneficial to increase the annual income of a person to make fundamental needs more reasonable. These strategies usually include prosperity, freedoms of economic and also provide financial services.

In the entire world, the cause of poverty is not a single one. There are lots of causes of poverty, and at the end, the results of all these causes are dissimilar in every case. Poverty fluctuates significantly, and it depends on the situation. The dissimilarities among rich and poor inside the boundaries of a nation can also be prodigious. Despite all the discussion about poverty, it is a clear fact poverty is one thing that has a very complicated meaning and also a complex social issue (Kerbo).

The definition of poverty doesn’t matter it can be decided that it is a matter of subject that wants the attention of everyone. Now a day the World Bank Organization has taken charge to identify the dimensions of poverty. It is essential that all associates of the present society must work collectively to deliver the chances for all members of society to obtain their full perspective. It will be helpful for the society to reduce the level of poverty among them.

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Certain things come under the term poverty, and these include the worldwide insufficiency, deficiency or the absence of distinct amount of important properties or money. There are also different phases of poverty, and these include the loss of economy, issues related to social and political belongings as well. Relative poverty and absolute poverty are the two main categories of it.

Both of them includes different belongings and in absolute poverty the lack of essential substances like food, space for living as well as clothing. These are the very basic need of a human being. On the other hand relative poverty is the assessment of one’s belongings, present living status, and values related to socio-economic with other societies.

These two main types of poverty show that the level of poverty does not depend on the person, it can be anywhere in anyone. Because poverty is not the only insufficiency of money, it is also the comparisons of belongings with others. The concept of poverty don’t have only face, there are multi concepts of poverty, and these include the element of social, economic, as well as political that must be under consideration to reduce its level (Sabates).

The difference between the housing and wage is the primary issue that causes poverty in most of the countries. The housing rate is also different in different areas of countries.  There is also another most significant problem that causes poverty, and it is low income. Low income exists at every level and if it is at the level of workers the rate of poverty increases because they are not able to afford sufficient nourishment and some place for living for their family. The level of wage has also decreased in many areas, so this issue is increasing day by day, and it must be controlled.

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Another factor that is increasing poverty day by day is the political factor. It is affecting the poverty at large level and disturbing the economic inequality. When the economy of one country is compared with other than the poverty arises at the considerable level. There is need to resolve this issue. The politician can resolve the poverty matter by beginning the different organizations and sequencer, especially for the low-income families. Various schemes can be helpful to reduce poverty, and among them, the important one is the temporary assistance. This is helpful to solve all the issues related to poverty.

If the poverty is at the level of the economy, then it causes the long-term effect, and it is related to inequality and poverty. These factors include the poverty, sickness related to medically and mentally, drunkenness and addiction of drug. These are the more significant risks of poverty caused by the poverty.

Researchers have been conducted on the issue of poverty, and according to estimation, almost 25% individuals that have no home to spend their life have more significant probabilities of mental illness just because of the depression and poverty. They also have the issues like health insurance. 20% of the population face the problem of addiction and alcoholism just because of poverty (Noriega).


Economic inequality can also be caused by the abuse of other labors, and it is the significant issue at working place. There is another reason because of which poverty is increasing day by day, and that is the presence of racism. In numerous countries, most of the permanent and stable employees are being replaced by other workers. So it is leading the issue of economic inequality. Service status is one more main issue that supports the fact of difference between staffs. In this situation, the attempt of the superior worker is to dominate the inferior one, and it leads to the issue of poverty.

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There is need to solve the issue of poverty, and it can be solved easily through different ways, and best one is to educate the people who don’t have the necessary education to understand the issue. Through the education economic inequality can also be reduced. Because people have some respect and ethics after gaining education especially at the job. By delivering facilities, such as exploitation, avoidance of tax, debt and advance conditionality and through the drain of the brain of educational professionals and health care poverty can be controlled.

Another best method to decrease the economy dissimilarity is the formation of occupation for all kinds of personalities in a community. There must be the opportunity for the job at all levels like private and public sector, and it is helpful to reduce the poverty issue. Now a day technology is also developing day by day, and it is the need of today society to understand every aspect of technology. Every worker should have the training of technology so that the poverty level must be in control. So overall poverty is the big issue (Morrisson).


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