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Tips For Creating Great Content When You Don’t Have a Clue

Have you experienced a creative block? Or have you encountered a situation where you feel numb to think of any new idea or to strategize a path for your work? If so, here is what you must read. There is a guide mentioned below which will lead you from the step of conceptualization to creation efficiently. Learn about the few things that you can do when you do not have any clue to compose a blog or article about something.


So, the first step here is to do curation. You have to read at least 10 professionally written blogs to learn about the ways others have covered the topic. By reading the blogs, you will get to know about certain concepts. You can seek inspiration and see what ways are there to compose the topic efficiently.

Group Brainstorming

So, the second step involves brainstorming. You have to think about the best possible way to cover the story. Merely refer to as many sites as possible and gather the pitches. You can seek a lot of inspiration from professionally composed blogs. Keep thinking of the way you want to start your blog and the way you can lead it to. It’s imperative to first think about the core foundation of your blog before you take any step further. You must know what footings you want to establish your work.

Seek Out For Some Feedback

To compose a successful blog you can seek out for some inspiring feedback from the customers. You can ask for what they feel about the topic and gather key points to include. You can learn about the problems and troubles associated with the subject you are covering and what the consensus has. You will learn about the piece of information or intellectual approach that your readers have so that you can compose the blog on similar grounds.

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Break the Ice

There is a battle in your head to write and not to write. You have all the resources, yet you find trouble in putting the first word on the paper. You want to begin but you feel so confused. So, if you are caught up in this situation what you can do is to write freely. It is called free writing. Don’t think to pause or to change the line simply pour your thoughts out.

Let your brain do all the talking. In this way, you will remove any thought blocking your brain and you will get a clear head to start new. When you are done, you can read your text and analyze the points you have been holding in your head.

Do the Plotting

Once you have gathered your research, its time you plot your blog. You have to organize the information efficiently and think about the right way to make your content readable. You have to divide the content into bullets and short paragraphs. Do write the sub heading and titles interesting to attract the readers. By formatting the content efficiently, you get to enjoy greater benefits. You simply have to take the time out to invest properly on individual aspects much like the professional Wikipedia editor. In order to get on Wikipedia you have to organize, format and strategize your content.

Proofread your Content

After completing your content, you have to recheck it and make sure you have entered the right information. You have to check the content quality with respect to grammatical errors and sentence formation. You have to see what aspects are necessary to cover and how you have written your content, can it get any better? You must look for mere typos and writing errors. You can use an online grammar-checking tool if you want to be sure about the quality. Above all, do check the plagiarism of your content. Plagiarized content ruins the credulity of your content.

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Add Supporting Visuals

It’s 2019 and you cannot post anything without visuals in it. You have to search some closely related visuals and pictures to add more engaging flair in your work.  You can go for adding videos or short memes to attract the target readers. The attention span is getting shorter and shorter with every passing, and it is becoming difficult to capture the attention of online users. By incorporating related visuals, you can increase the likelihood of receiving greater online visibility. You can hold the attention for longer and make them stay until they read out your complete content.

Wrap Up

Follow the above mentioned tips and create compelling content to enthrall your readers. You can overcome any hurdle if you have to true will to do that. So, be more conscious and hunt down 585teh ideas that can generate fruitful outcomes.

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