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Two to Tango: Best Universities in the World for Human Resources

The versatility of human resources executives can’t be denied. There are a lot of multi-tasking roles they play. They are supposed to be best in every field and possess many attributes such as excellent communication skills, exemplary emotional intelligence, leadership, problem-solving skills, management administration, and empathy.

We look at the great universities in the world which undertake the responsibilities of arming the future human resource executives with the right armor, tools, and techniques. Let’s know them one by one.

Standford University: One of the very famous universities of the world. It receives thousands of applications every year for the specialization of human resources because it is the best universities in the world for human resources. The HR curriculum is customized to the needs of each student here. The learning methods are very different too which may include any of these or a combination of these: role-playing, simulations, global study-trips, and case studies.

Northwestern University: The human resources programs here have the inclusion of behavioral sciences and economics. It is a change in the perspectives of how the human resources as a specialization is perceived by the thought leaders in education. The human resources program does include the aspects of finance to understand how to align the objectives of the employees with the organizational goals and business revenues. The psychology comes in when the human resources manager have to deal with the employees, to communicate effectively, and to be emotionally intelligent. You need to have two years of experience to study here.

University of Chicago: Booth School of Business, with its best-in-class educational pedagogy and curriculum, makes the University of Chicago another of the great universities in the world. It has been admitting students since 1898. You can easily post- graduate in human resources in just 21 months by taking 3-4 courses every quarter. A plethora of opportunities awaits those who can make it to the top merit list here.

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University of California, Berkeley: Be sure to have a foundation rich in basic business principles along with the specialization you choose to complete at the Hass School of Business which is affiliated to the University of California, Berkeley. It is placed on the third in the rankings marking the best universities in the world. Half of the curriculum is made up of the elective courses. Another attractive chance is to initiate courses of your liking which can be completed under the supervision of a faculty member.

Vanderbilt University: Located in Nashville, US; Vanderbilt University is a great example of one of the great universities in the world for studying human resources management with a great aplomb. The programs offered here are developed in partnership with the award-winning developers. The post-graduation program is called human and organizational performance which is lucid with the name itself- the development of the employees keeping in mind the organizational development. A code of honor guides the student’s way of life which is in place since the year 1875.

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