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What’s an MBA- An Overview

Master of Business Administration is a 2-year PG program which is aimed towards developing business minds with qualities pertaining to various specializations like marketing, retail, operations, financial services, organizational leadership, international business, and others. Being a popular program, MBA allows its aspirants to stand apart from others in skills underlying analytical, critical, enhanced communications, industry-specific exposures, and business understanding. Students who are pursuing MBA are encouraged to face global challenges and mandate not only the private sectors with their skills but public sectors as well.

About the Course/Program

MBA is a fully-fledged two-year course with various specializations, which allows students to extensively interact with the various industries. The course comprises of core subjects, elective subjects, industry internship programs, and dissertation.

The methodology contains interactive lectures, case study analysis, classroom projects and exercises, class interaction with the students, field projects, as well as industry exposures. The students get a chance to select the course with a sincere methodology.

Eligibility Criteria for MBA in Alliance University

The eligibility required for the aspirants in Alliance University has been given below:

  1. The students must have qualified a Bachelor’s Degree in any of the disciplines from a recognized University or institution
  2. The students who are pursuing the last year of Graduation can also apply for the MBA course in Alliance University
  3. All the students who aim to pursue MBA from Alliance University can assure that they have comprehensive access to communication

Career Prospects after an MBA

There are many of the career prospects that allow students can follow after pursuing MBA in any of the defined specializations.

  1. Management Consultant: A management consultant is a professional who advises companies on their management practices to first recognize the problem that the company is dealing with an then affirming the best solutions on their part to ensure the balance.
  2. Marketing Manager: The professional marketing managers look after and monitor the planning and the execution of a market so as to allow the growth of the company. They have multifarious functions like budget planning, planning marketing campaigns, researching the market and managing the staff on the same sphere.
  3. Investment Banker: The investment banker plays a huge role in investing on a company and thus, helping it to grow with the motive of making it enhance with productivity and financial uniformity. They incline on imposing restrictions and also aligning with its solutions at the same level.
  4. Financial Advisor: A financial advisor plays a major role in advising its clients with the best ways that they can opt for creating long-term plans. In this profession, the advisors look after the best financial plans and investments that the clients can make out.
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Why Choose Alliance University?

Alliance University has its own unique pedagogy of introducing its students to the world outside basic education to the industrial exposures. MBA in Alliance University is not only limited to the classroom, but it enables the students to demonstrate themselves skills and abilities in the global platform with rigor.  Alliance University has received specialized accreditation for all its business programs through the International Assembly.

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